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Belphegor -Walpurgis Rites Hexenwahn MC


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Official Polish pressed music cassette. Grey cassette with black text. Limited 75 copies

Supreme death black metal art – that is the moniker Belphegor have been sailing under since 1993 and their eighth studio album – ‘Walpurgis rites – Hexenwahn’ is no exception. A brutal yet technically filigree opus with an overall Sabbathian witch and black magic occult theme. To quote vocalist/guitarist Helmuth: ‘With these nine compositions/ arrangements we continue to piss on the damn mainstream. It`s Belphegor to the highest, the hymns are extremely varied, more intense and epic than ever, there are new elements and structures added. Not to forget the blasphemous lyrical concept: The witch/ devil concept is amazing to work with and we used a lot of original chants/ incantations from archaic scripts’. So turn down the lights and turn up the volume and delve into this masterpiece which celebrates the darkest pleasures in life.

Track list:
1. Walpurgis Rites
2. Veneratio Diaboli – I Am Sin
3. Hail The New Flesh
4. Reichswehr In Blood
5. The Crosses Made Of Bone
6. Der Geistertreiber
7. Destroyer Hekate
8. Enthralled Toxic Sabbath
9. Hexenwahn – Totenkult

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