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Benediction – The Grotesque / Ashen Epitaph


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This EP was released a year after Transcend The Rubicon and the band had been out on tour and booked a few studio days right after Christmas and came up with these two new studio tracks. The three live tracks were recorded during a short live session with a select audience to help prepare new drummer at the time Paul Brookes for a forth coming tour. The two new songs here; The Grotesque and Ashen Epitaph are monoliths of crushingness. The three live performances are of older songs from Subconscious Terror and The Grand Leveller. Its the two studio tracks that really stands out and if you already have all the full length albums then you need this one too. Track listing: 1. The Groteque 2. Ashen Epitaph 3. Violation Domain-live 4. Subconcious Terror-live 5. Visions In The Shroud-live

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