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Benumb – Withering Strands Of Hope


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The Oakland, California-based grindcore outfit Benumb emerged during the mid-1990s with a flurry of releases, the majority of them split singles and EPs recorded in conjunction with acts including Apartment 213, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Supression and Short Hate Temper. Upon signing to the Relapse label, Benumb issued the Gear in the Machine EP in 1997; the full-length Soul of the Martyr followed a year later. ‘Withering Stands Of Hope’ came in 2000 and it assails the listener with hostile hardcore/grind and is a grand platform for the band's venomous commentary. Track listing: 1. Synopsis of Ignorance Within the Society at Large 2. Once and Never Again 3. Underbelly 4. Minimum Wage Intellectual 5. Pass the Buck 6. Suffer 7. Epileptic 8. Intergration 9. Realization of Fact 10. Oxygen Theif 11. Just Short of the Line 12. Serenity Within Chaos 13. Wto: Disintergration of the Working Class 14. Three Down, One to Go 15. Laceration of Belief 16. Survival Between Maggots 17. Amongst the Fallen 18. Articulation of Hypocrisy 19. Abundant Knowledge, Infinite Stupidity 20. Father to the Fatherless 21. Imminent Departure 22. Flesh for Flesh 23. Dissection of Grace 24. Embodyment of Despair 25. Ascend from Persecution 26. Years of Unjust 27. Cause and Reject 28. Genocide 29. Statistics 30. Division Within Division 31. Successful Failure 32. Closing Argument

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