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Berto Pisano ‎–Death Smiles On A Murderer lp [gold]


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Double album on gold vinyls with gatefold cover, OBI-strip and different cover artwork compared to the black vinyl. Limited 1000 copies

The soundtrack to Aristide Massacces haunting and dream-like Italian horror film, Death Smiles On A Murderer was made by Berto Pisano. And the sscore is a diverse selection of captivating compositions which moves from achingly beautiful love themes (which tastefully employ strings, trumpet and Edda Dell’Orsos ethereal vocals) to darkly morbid suspense cues augmented with off-kilter percussion and fuzz guitar.

Track list:
1. La Morte Ha Sorriso All’assassino
2. Greta
3. Greta (Versione 2)
4. Dr Kinski
5. Visita A Greta
6. La Bara
7. Terrificanti Apparizioni
8. Esperimenti Del Dr Kinski – Parte 1
9. Great (Versione 3)
10. Festa Per Greta
11. Esperimenti Del Dr Kinski – Parte 2
12. Greta (Versione 4)
13. Visita A Greta (Versione 2)
14. Visita A Greta (Versione 3)
15. Greta E Scomparsa
16. Una Splendida Festa di Morte – Parte 1
17. Festa Per Greta (Versione 2)
18. Dolorosi Ricordi E Morte Al Cimitero
19. Visita A Greta (Versione 4)
20. Greta (Versione 5)
21. Greta (Versione 6)
22. Greta (Versione 7)
23. Greta (Versione 8)
24. Greta (Versione 9)
25. Visita A Greta (Versione 5)
26. Visita A Greta (Versione 6)
27. Greta (Versione 10)

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