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Besatt ‎–Hellstorm cd


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2018 re-release with new artwork and one bonus track

Hateful black metal by the lucrative demons of Poland. Hellstorm was originally released in 2002 and featured a brutal, yet also melodic and atmospheric approach, incorporating different elements of Black Metal mixed with true Satan worshiping. Besatt became highly revered for forging a satanic sound, while also retaining own rawness. This is black metal in the true Norwegian style, full of rage and hate. Really nothing new but as this style isn’t too fashionable at the moment, checking out Besatt would be a good idea

Track list:
1. Baphomet/Hidden Bonus Track
2. Funeral Wind
3. Ave Master Lucifer
4. Hellstorm
5. For Glory Of Satan
6. Gates Of Hell
7. Created Of Lightning
8. Devils Eyes

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WAR 028