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Betoken ‎–Beyond Redemption cd


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Betoken, performs symphonic metal with traditional heavy metal music elements and with a lot of emotion flowing throughout their epic songs. Musically and vocally this lot are very fun to listen to as they’ve tons of variation not just within the individual cuts but between the 14 tracks on feature here. Their ability to express themselves through atmospheric synthesizer and symphonic grandeur is huge, as this aspect along gives their songs and overall direction a tremendous boost in originality. Their guitars seamlessly intermingle with the delicately crafted vocal arrangements, which are bestowed upon the superior energy of all the songs found here. With a total of nine members making up Betoken, you’ll be treated to male and female vocals, with three distinctive styles found throughout this album. The two guitarists give their songs plenty of harmony and punch, and with a solid backing from the majestic/symphonic synth passages, heavy low-end bass, and precise drumming makes for a great listening experience. Betoken bring their songs and sounds to the listener, immersing them within their battle and adventure ridden numbers, and this only gives so much more depth to their songs. You feel as if you are a part of this ethereal adventure that Betoken create with their blissful orchestral passages, which you’ll find on all of their songs just about. I cannot list any specific songs as they all are very unique in their own way, and this is the main reason I enjoyed listening to this Italian symphonic heavy metal group. This band has plenty of huge potential for the future seeing they’re so focused on creating a style and sound all their own.

Track list:
1. A Thirst For Knowledge
2. Renounce
3. Quid Tu Moraris?
4. The Man Who Would Be The Devil
5. Left Hand Choice
6. Sparks Of Grace Betrayed
7. Hellward
8. Seven Deadly Sins
9. Ab Urbe Corrupta
10. Lucifer’s Bless
11. Point Of No Return
12. Helen Of Troy
13. Damned Soul Insomnia
14. Beyond Redemption

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