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Need quality death metal fast, press...

Bewitched -Diabolical Desecration lp [original/signed]


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Cover is vg with a 4 cm seam split on upper spine

Rare original 1996 Osmose press with gatefold cover. Fully signed with a silver marker

Bewitched debut album, Diabolical Desecration, is a pretty good blackened thrash metal album. It has a nice old school feel in certain parts but at the same time its heavier than many older bands. Bewitched has always sounded the best when they speed things up. The album has both Blackheim (Katatonia/Bloodbath/Diabolical Masquerade) and Vargher (Throne of Ahaz) on vocals.

Track listing:
1. Hard As Steel (Hot As Hell)
2. Hellcult
3. Born Of Flames
4. Deathspell
5. Bloodthirst
6. Burnin` Paradise
7. Holy Whore
8. Triumph Of Evil
9. Firehymn
10. Dressed In Blood
11. Blade Of The Ripper
12. The Witches Plague
13. Diabolical Desecration

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