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Bewitched -Hell Comes To Essen pic disc


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Original 1998 Osmose records picture disc

The Umeå, Sweden based speed black metal act made a European tour in 1997 to promote the Pentagram Prayer album. The tour was called World Domination Tour and the show in Essen was recorded and released on this live album. Recording a show in the Ruhr area means that the band are now performing where some of their big influences comes from, Kreator and Sodom. So they more or less are on a stage at the birthplace of German teutonic thrash metal so when the band makes their opening statement, We are Bewitched and we will thrash you till you fucking bleed, it really feels like the puzzle is complete. I think the band felt this was an important part of the bands tour and wanted to release it as part of their history.

Track list:
1. Blood On The Altar
2. Night Of The Sinner
3. Hellcult
4. Bloodthirst
5. Hellblood
6. Demondawn
7. Holywhore
8. Cremation Of The Fucking Cross
9. Hard As Steel, Lot As Hell
10. Blade Of The Reaper

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