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Beyond Visions ‎–Catch 22 cd


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Sweden is a hotbed of metal and a variety of artists consume this scene and one of the best female fronted bands out of Sweden is Beyond Visions. Their 2017 album is titled “Catch 22”, and its their second full length album and it has nothing to do with the book ‘Catch 22’. After a few spins the quartet possess an alluring, modern take on the gothic/melodic metal scene that contains many electronic/cyber keyboard and rhythm spots that bring the pop factor to their hooks up quite a bit, sure to elicit proper jumping and sing-a-long propensities. There are some keyboard/guitar passages where you can feel influences from Dream Theater and Sonata Arctica and then we have tracks like Good Hate – where vocalist Rebecka Heijel gains the chance to execute her angelic, floating upper register in resplendent glory against some killer, racing riffs that veer into melodic death territories. And of course, there will be some Amaranthe shades when you take in the stunted cyber keyboards and alluring poppy choruses during the opener “Time to Rise” and the follow up “Sacrifice” – but Beyond Visions gain major points for not relying on one method of songwriting to develop their hooks, as this multi-layered approach keeps the album moving along briskly. Catch 22 as a result contains strong musical interplay and proper melodic qualities to gain favour from numerous sub-genres across the metal spectrum – placing Beyond Visions in good company for wider appeal.

Track list:
1. Time To Rise
2. Sacrafice
3. Pay My Price
4. Changes
5. Survival
6. Illusions
7. My Life
8. Everlasting
9. Pretender
10. Good Hate

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