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Big Bang Pow -Oblivion lp


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Original 1987 Swedish pressing

London based indie pop band Biff Bang Pow were an indie pop/rock band from London, England, active between 1983 and 1991. The band was formed by Creation Records founder Alan McGee and the band was for a long time a touchstone for the influential label’s definition and development, albeit one that never assumed the limelight or achieved any major hits. The bands third album, Oblivion, was released in 1987 and almost all of the band’s remaining sharp edges was polished off of that album. And the end result is a handsome effort with brilliant vocals and sparkling guitar uplifting the finely constructed songs. Still, it’s heartwarming to hear A Girl Called Destruction devolve into a noisy old-fashioned raveup; I See the Sun contrasts acoustic strumming with massive distortion on the solo. If Paul Weller had grown up listening to the Hollies as much as the Who, the Jam might have made an album like Oblivion; fortunately, Biff Bang Pow Did.

Track list:
1. In A Mourning Town
2. There You Go Again
3. 7 Seconds
4. A Girl Called Destruction
5. She’s Got Diamonds In Her Hair
6. The Only Color In This World Is Love
7. Baby Sister
8. Then When I Scream
9. I See The Sun
10. I’m Still Waiting For My Time

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Creation Records / MNW Records (Musiknätet Waxholm)

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