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Bigelf – Closer To Doom


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Bigelf's metallic circus-influenced music is a quilt of T.Rex, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd. It's essentially a six-pack of kick ass. But the foursome, with their stovepipe hats and turn-of-the-century, Oliver Twist waistcoats, aren't exactly a novelty outfit. There's some serious musical muscle on their bones. Bigelf were formed as a psychedelic/glam-tinged hard rock outfit in 1991 in Los Angeles, California by Damon Fox and Richard Anton. They initially gained a large underground following. The quartet recorded 6-track EP ’Closer To Doom’ in spring 1995 co-produced by Sylvia Massy. ‘Closer To Doom’ was released in 1996 and established them as 'fathers' of the psychedelic doom movement that spawned the L.A. stoner-rock scene. They recorded ‘Money Machine’ in summer 1997. Swedish prog and heavy metal label, Record Heaven would eventually release it in 2000. This led the band to tour Scandinavia where they would become a quartet again with addition of Finnish bass player Duffy Snowhill. In 2001, Ace Mark (also from Finland) would join the ranks replacing Butler-Jones. Regaining focus with a new, solid foundation, Bigelf signed with Warner Music Sweden in 2002 and released ‘Hex’ the following year. The band attained cult status overseas, most notably in Northern Europe. 2001 Record heaven release with 4 bonus tracks Track listing: 1. Change 2. Crazy 3. Frustration 4. Salvation 5. In The Void 6. Closer To Doom 7. Theme One 8. I' The Jury 9. Fight 10. Baron Saturday

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