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Bigelf – Money Machine


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‘Money Machine’ picks up where the previous album left off but also with some leaps forward. The technical aspect of the music is really pushed forward on this album. The songs have a precision about them that is a thrill to hear. The opening track thunders along taking you for quite a ride. It immediately shows that the band has grown confident in their style, and doesn't mind being typed as a retro outfit. The song ‘(Another) Nervous Breakdown’ is a magnificent piece. It rockets along with a frightening atmosphere that will send a chill down your spine at its complexity and eeriness. The music on this album is big and powerful. It overflows with all the best elements from the late 1970's psychedelic, progressive hard rock / heavy metal era. It features some of the best vocal harmonies you're going to hear and the best Hammond organ playing you're going to hear anywhere. The keyboard playing on this album is stellar and mixes with the crushing guitar riffs that threaten to pound you into dust with their insistent urging. The cover of Atomic Roosters ‘Death Walks Behind You’ is awesome. I can't think of another word for it. It jumps off the disc and holds you with its intensity. I don't know when I have enjoyed an album as much as this one. Big Elf may be stuck in the past, but fans of Pink Floyd, Nektar, Deep Purple and other early progressive bands that shaped this kind of sound are going to be happier for it. This is a stunning disc, start to finish and is most highly recommended. Track listing: 1. Money Machine 2. Sellout 3. Neuropsychopathic Eye 4. Side Effects 5. (Another) Nervous Breakdown 6. Mindbender 7. Ironheel 8. Death Walks Behind You-Atomic Rooster cover 9. The Bitter End

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