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Billy Idol ‎–The Clips dvd


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Billy Idol is the British punk and pop icon of the ’80s who first made his name with Generation X. Then along with Duran Duran, he became one the first pop/rock artists to achieve massive success in the early ’80s due to a then brand-new U.S. television network, MTV. Mixing his bad-boy good looks with an appealing blend of pop hooks, punk attitude, and a dance beats, Idol quickly rocketed to stardom, before hard living derailed his career and almost proved fatal. The Clips dvd features 9 of Billy Idols biggest hits

Track list:
1. Catch My Fall
2. Dancing With Myself
3. Eyes Without A Face
4. Flesh For Fantasy
5. Money, Money
6. Rebel Yell
7. Sweet 16
8. To Be A Lover
9. White Wedding

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