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Biohazard ‎–State Of The World Address cd


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Rap/heavy metal band Biohazard occupies an urban war zone, to hear them tell it, in which, at any moment, a gun can be thrust in your face, a five-block walk to the subway is a gauntlet, and even if you make it to the station, someone may push you onto the tracks. Understandably, the boys are upset about all this, and they express their anger in shouted, profanity-filled lyrics, pounding rhythms, and raging guitar lines. But they don’t bring any particular insight to their observations, and their musical approach, but for the occasional piano interlude, is near-generic.

Track list:
1. State Of The World Address
2. Down For Life
3. What Makes Us Tick
4. Tales From The Hard Side
5. How It Is
6. Remember
7. Five Blocks To The Subway
8. Each Day
9. Failed Territory
10. Lack There Of
11. Pride
12. Human Animal
13. Cornered
14. Love Denied

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