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Bitcheater –Worship Of Satan cd


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Bitcheater is a necro black metal act featuring Mutsuaki Suzuki (from Headlight and Gorgon) and Yasuyuki Suzuki (from Abigail and Barbatos). Anyone that are familiar with Abigail and Barbatos knows that it can be quite a dirty and raw recording and Bitcheater is just that. A chaotic recording with some screeching vocals. Fans of Japanese underground metal could check this out.

Track list:
1. Bitcheater
2. Far East Black Phantom
3. Evil Night
4. Satanikhaoslaughter
5. Dystopia Of The Moon
6. Black Throne
7. Buried In A Black Grave
8. Return To The War
9. Necromancer Screams
10. Lucifer Dreaming In Love

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Bestial Invasion Records

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BIR 042