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Bitter End – Harsh Realities [original]


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Hailing from the Seattle suburb of Lynwood, where they'd been futzing around since 1982, Bitter End was a thrash metal quartet featuring vocalist Matt Fox, guitarist Russ Stefanovich, bassist Chris Fox, and drummer Harry Dearinger. Signed by Metal Blade, the band's only release, ‘Harsh Realities’, arrived in 1990. The bands style has been compared to Megadeth, but even though there are some musical similarities between these bands, Megadeth was notably faster and heavier at that time. In fact, Harsh Realities is neither particularly fast nor heavy, instead the music is quite technical and diverse speed metal. The band was evidently talented and even a bit original, but somehow they never managed to connect with a wider audience. ‘Harsh Realities’ seems more like a clever exercise on technicality than a convincing release. Rare original pressing Track listing: 1. Sex And Death 2. Guilty 3. Just Say Yes 4. Beat The System 5. Profits of Doom 6. Meet Your Maker 7. Harsh Realities 8. Save Us 9. Waiting For Death 10. Living Hell

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