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Black Coffee -Life Never Waits lp


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Reduced price due to a small name sticker in lower right corner on the front cover

Russsian pressing with red Melodija labels

Russian hard rock act that was founded in Moscow in 1981. The band recorded three demos and one impossible to find vinyl single before they finally got their debut album out in 1987. ‘Step Over The Threshold’ really opened up the doors for the band. The follow up ‘Life Never Waits’ is one of the best Russian melodic metal lps there is. Black Coffee would reach impressive album sales in their homeland but would become softer for each release. Check out the three first albums. This original Russian lp version comes with a totally different cover artwork compared to the 1996 cd release.

Track listing:
1. Brozhu Po Gorodu Odin/Roaming The City Alone
2. Volnomu – Volya/Life Never Waits
3. Noch/Night
4. Na Posledniy Poezd/The Last Train
5. Svetliy Obraz/Scared Image
6. I Tolko Mi/And Only Us
7. Posle Tebya/After You
8. Nostalgy/Nostalgia
9. Eto – Rok/This Is – Rock

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