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Black Crown –Caverns Of Thantifaxath cd


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Black Crown are a band from the USA who trade in aggressive, feral black metal with a touch of a more modern sound akin to bands like Belphegor or mid-period Behemoth. There’s nothing new about this, it is just a cut above the other thousands of bands who clog up the scene. The riffs are better, the production is better, and the band smokes with a ferocious energy you can’t fake.

Track list:
1. Lahamu: The Awakening
2. The Rise Of Ashtaroth
3. Scarlet Goddess
4. The Dweller
5. Swallow The Sun
6. Children Of Tiamat
7. Qliphotic Meditations
8. Whore Of The Qliphoth
9. The Nine Hells

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