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Black Death -Demo 1983 lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 50 numbered copies

Formed in 1977 by strangely named vocalist and lead guitarist Siki Spacek, Ohio’s Black Death arguably hold the distinction of being the world’s first all-African-American heavy metal band. The band did three demos between 1981 and 1983 and these three demos built up a local following, but the band struggled with the line-up during those early years. This third demo finally secured a record label deal and their one and only album, also called Black Death, was released the following year. However the band vanished from sight only a short time later.

Track list:
1. Taken By Force
2. When Tears Run Red
3. Breaking The Chains Of Hell
4. Ive Been There

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Tributte Recordz / Lost Pearlz Records

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TRZ19 / LPR001