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Black Hosts –Times Of Eternal Torture MC


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Hungarian pressed music cassette. Black cassette with white text. Limited 150 copies

Polish thrashers Black Hosts are all about old-school Thrash, particularly that dirty, primitive vein that both Europe and America first had their hands in as they screamed about Satan and leather. Early Slayer, Living Death, Kat and Violent Force are the stars of evil this band follows, and they do so without shame as they blow out your speakers and make your local priest piss blood with ripping, in-yer-face energy and attitude. They may be as entertaining as they are solely because they plagiarize and kiss the asses of the past greats, but when you do it this well and with this much conviction, I’m willing to overlook and even praise those facts. Prepare yourselves, for Times Of Eternal Torture is coming to give you a good ol’-fashioned Thrash beatdown!

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Sanity Ends
3. Exiled Sinners
4. Lethal Virus
5. Axe Of The Damned
6. Times Of Eternal Torture
7. Homicidal Maniac
8. Warriors Of Leather
9. Torment In Fire
10. The Castle

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