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Black Label Society – Hangover Music Vol. VI


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Alice In Chains' shadow has grown longer as post-grunge settles into homogeny. Every outfit from Godsmack to Soil claims them as an influence; Staind's Aaron Lewis even wrote ‘Layne’ in tribute to the band's departed frontman. Zakk Wylde throws his own goatee into that ring with Black Label Society's ‘Hangover Music, Vol. 6’, a largely acoustic album that recalls both ‘Jar Of Flies’ and Wylde's own ‘Book Of Shadows’. He handles vocals, piano, and acoustic duties himself, also contributing the occasional display of electric guitar wizardry just to remind listeners of where he came from. Ozzy's influence looms at least as large as Alice in Chains — he and his family are thanked prominently in the liner notes, and material like the ballad ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’ sounds like it could have been written for him. (Wylde also offers his own tribute to Staley, also called ‘Layne’). Tracklist: 1. Crazy Or High 2. Queen Of Sorrow 3. Steppin' Stone 4. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 5. Takillya (Estyabon) 6. Won't Find It Here 7. She Deserves A Free Ride (Val's Song) 8. House Of Doom 9. Damage Is Done 10. Layne 11. Woman Don't Cry 12. No Other 13. Whiter Shade Of Pale 14. Once More 15. Fear

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