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Black Label Society – Mafia


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‘Mafia’ is a very good offering from the BLS, something different, much life Hangover Music Vol. IV. Zakk never disappoints and always delivers, and does whatever he wants musically, on his own terms. Though on a musical level, this album is not as heavy or perhaps as consistent as "The Blessed Hellride" or "1919 Eternal," it is a good album, very reminiscent of early Black Sabbath albums. The nice mix of dark, minor-keyed piano work and acoustic guitar with the bombastic and ultra heavy electric guitar riffs showcases Zakk's amazing talent as a musician and frontman. Zakk remains one of the last premiere commercial/mainstream rock guitar heroes of the 21st century, and listening to Mafia, the innocent listener will understand why. It also sounds like Zakk has been practicing some new scales and incorporating them into their repertoire (Listen to the fast-run he does at the end of the solo for "Fire it Up"), breaking away from his typical pentatonic-based soloing style. Nobody weilds a Les Paul with so much finesse and style like Mr. Wylde. Zakk continues to carry the torch for hard rock/metal guitar, and has earned a wealth of respect inexplicable by my words. Thanks for the music Zakk, keeping the shredderific-guitar solo alive and well, and giving us hardcore BLS fans something new, different and interesting to listen to once again! Track listing: 1. Fire It Up 2. What's In You 3. Suicide Messiah 4. Forever Down 5. In This River 6. You Must Be Blind 7. Death March 8. Dr. Octavia 9. Say What You Will 10. Too Tough To Die 11. Electric Hellfire 12. Spread Your Wings 13. Been A Long Time 14. Dirt On The Grave 15. I Never Dreamed

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