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Black Mark Tribute Vol.1 cd


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This 1997 compilation album from the Black Mark Production label has some interesting ideas. The idea to take the bands on the labels own rooster and to get them to record a cover tune of their own choice makes this album an album full of surprises. Its not just extreme metal bands doing covers of other extreme metal bands. No, here we can hear Morgana Lefay doing an updated version of the Kiss tune Parasite and Quorthon and Bathory performing both Motorhead and Sex Pistols. But even more surprising is when some of these bands do their versions of songs from The Police, Beatles, Pet Shop Boys, Prodigy and Edvin Starr. Like all compilation albums there will be things on here you wont like and things that will fit your taste.

Track list:
1. Soulquake System –Firestarter-The Prodigy cover
2. Memento Mori –Sold My Soul-Nazareth cover
3. Necrophobic –Ridden With Disease-Autopsy cover
4. World Of Silence –Strawberry Fields Forever-The Beatles cover
5. Quorthon –God Save The Queen-Sex Pistols cover
6. Tad Morose –Power Of The Night-Savatage cover
7. Divine Sin –Eternal Dark-Picture cover
8. Hexenhaus –War-Edvin Starr cover
9. Corporal Punishment –It’s A Sin-Pet Shop Boys cover
10. Bathory –Ace Of Spades-Motorhead cover
11. Nightingale –Return To Fantasy-Uriah Heep cover
12. Edge Of Sanity –Invisible Sun-The Police cover
13. Morgana Lefay –Parasite-Kiss cover

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