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Black Pages Present: Screams From The Grave MC


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Swedish pressed music cassette. Clear cassette with paper label. Limited 180 copies

Swedish old school fanzine Black Pages has put together this underground compilation tape of new and upcoming Swedish metal acts. Sarcator has already become a name and the question is who’s next. Besides Sarcator we have bands such as Atonement, Maniak, Alligator, Sweet Remedy, Nattkraft, Venthiax, Pyrrha, Eternal Evil, Hostilia, Xorsist and Speeder

Track list:
1. Atonement –Hellish Delight
2. Maniak –Total Blitzkrieg
3. Alligator –No Sleep
4. Sweet Remedy –Night Rider
5. Nattkraft –Nekromantik
6. Venthiax –Exorcism Of The Damned
7. Sarcator –Deicidal
8. Pyrrha –Unholy Desires
9. Eternal Evil –The Nocturnal Omen
10. Hostilia –Power Out
11. Xorsist –Underworld
12. Speeder –Speed Metal Bench

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TTD T015

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