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Black Phantom ‎–Zero Hour Is Now cd


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Zero Hour Is Now is the follow up to the debut album, Better Beware, that was released in 2017. If you missed the debut album then dont make the same misstake again. This is pure Maiden influenced heavy metal and Manuel Malini’s vocal is something close to Dickinson’s and at some point pulls to the Tobias Sammet’s and Michael Kiske’s style. The album flows very well, it has the great melodies, outstanding solos, great bass lines, hypnotizing galloping rhythm, memorable choruses… Who needs more? If you think Visigoth was a good find then you definitely need Black Phantom as well.

Track list:
1. Redemption
2. Hordes Of Destruction
3. Schattenjager
4. The Road
5. Aboard The Rattling Ark
6. Either You Or Me
7. Begone!
8. Hands Of Time
9. Schattenjager (Deutsch)

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