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The Black -The Priest Of Satan MC


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French pressed music cassette. Clear cassette with black paper label. Limited 100 copies

Eskilstuna based Satanic outfit formed in 1991, The Black issued the ‘Black Blood’ demo in October 1992, securing a deal with US label Necropolis Records. Vocalist Rietas (a.k.a. Jon Nödveidt), holding a tradition with Sirens Call, Satanized, De Infernali, Terror and Ophthalamia, is best known for his notorious role as frontman for Dissection. Drummer The Black (real name Make Pesonen) remained a member of Eternal Darkness and Leviathan (real name Marcus Perdersen) were formerly in Crypt Of Kerberos. Their first studio album ‘The Priest Of Satan’ was recorded at Underground Studios in April and May 1993 and released in 1994.

Track listing:
1. The Beast Of Fire
2. The Book Of Leviathan
3. Towards The Golden Dawn
4. The Sign Of The Evil Spirit
5. Lady Lilith
6. Black Blood
7. The Spirit Of Solitude
8. After My Prayers
9. The Goat Of Mendes
10. The Priest Of Satan
11. The Black Opal Eye
12. Whirlwinds Through The Land Of Ice

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