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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ‎–I Think I Smell A Rat cd


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No tickets sold at the door this evening on the 15th of February 2002. The place were sold out and absolutely crowded, meaning 750 people. The club is Kulturbolaget in Malmo, Sweden and on stage are two bands from San Francsico who has been eating rock n roll flakes for breakfast since their childhood, Vue and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Many frustrated fans are standing at the entrance without tickets. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s debut album, B.R.M.C. from 2001, was phenomenal and seems to have made stir even in Sweden. Vue sounded very refreshing but unfortunately you cant say the same about BRMC (luckily this recording is taken through the soundboard and sounds much better on record than it did live). The bands sound engineer seems to be on another planet and the volume was brutal and the sound completely reprehensible. Peter Hayes guitar overthrew everything. Robert Turner’s bass and temporarily hired Verve drummer Peter Salisbury could have stayed home as they were not heard live (as i say much better here on the album). The opening and otherwise excellent track Red Eyes And Tears are buried in an unpleasant noise. The memory takes me back to the early 90s when My Bloody Valentine decided to end their concerts with a ten-minute imitation of a jet engine at high speed. This night initially managed to match that unpleasant experience. After five songs the band goes into White Palms and here something happens. And even though the sound still sounds unhealthy its the turning point we have waited for and the next track, Awake, are as balanced as we could have hoped for. The remaining show is all we had hoped for and the night ends with the mighty Salvation. To sum things up, this time the Black Rebel Mototorcyle Club drove lost and the engine chopped but eventually it found its way back and hit home before the night was over

Track list:
1. Red Eyes and Tears
2. Reprise
3. U.S. Government
4. Love Burns
5. Rifles
6. White Palms
7. Awake
8. Fail-Safe
9. Stop
10. Spread Your Love
11. Whatever Happened to My Rock ‘n’ Roll (Punk Song)
12. Salvation

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