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Exclusive Best Buy edition with 3D/lenticular cover and a bonus cd featuring 4 bonus tracks

Black Sabbath 13 is the first album in 35 years to feature bassist Geezer Butler, guitarist Tony Iommi and singer Ozzy Osbourne . The drum tracks on the groups first lp with Osbourne since 1978 were laid down by Rage Against The Machine sticksman Brad Wilk following original drummer Bill Wards decision to bow out of the reunion. Osbourne, Iommi and Butler recorded the album primarily in Los Angeles with producer Rick Rubin. Song titles set to appear on the album include two seven-plus-minute behemoths End Of The Beginning and God Is Dead as well as a track about killing pedophile priests (Dear Father) and another about the scourge of methamphetamine addiction (Methademic). From truly humble beginnings in a working class district of Birmingham, Black Sabbath are responsible for changing music forever. Together, Ozzy Osbourne, Terry Geezer Butler, Bill Ward and Tony Iommi gave birth to the dark, distorted sound that has become the insignia of metal music. With subject matter encompassing apocalypse, destruction, death and drugs, the grinding riffs and doom laden basslines of Black Sabbath continue to influence a huge swathe of bands. Listening to headbangers favourite, Sweet Leaf, the crunching riffs of Children Of The Grave or the catatonic Iron Man is to find the source of The Nile, discover the origin of a species. There is no accolade high enough in stature for these multi platinum selling, bone crushing monsters of rock, they are simply the Kings of Heavy Metal and for that we should all be grateful.

Track listing:
1. End Of The Beginning
2. God Is Dead
3. Loner
4. Zeitgeist
5. Age Of Reason
6. Live Forever
7. Damaged Soul
8. Dear Father
9. Methademic
10. Peace Of Mind
11. Pariah
12. Naivete In Black

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