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Black Sabbath -Dark Mists On The Water –Montreux 1970 cd


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Cd with printed innersleeve and a 4-page booklet

Early documents of Black Sabbath concerts have been largely made up from audience recordings, so when this recording from Montreux 1970 was found in 2011 it was certainly a nice addition to ones collection as it featured an early performance in excellent quality.The origin of this tape is interesting and is chronicled on this new releases liner notes. Long story short this tape was among a bunch of tapes that was found in a box in some long lost record company vaults. The other tapes had the out takes from the first three Sabbath records and some have been released on the Sanctuary re master releases years back. What is incredible is that the folks at Sanctuary did not utilize any of this live material, the quality is incredible and for a recording that is now 46 years old, is pristine, perhaps it was felt that it would almost be a rehash of what was released on the Past Lives set years back. Whatever the case it was leaked and can now be found on this album, perfectly balanced full of vigour as the Sabs blast through 60 minutes of music with their early, primal force. Lots of great stuff on this release, the recently recorded songs from Paranoid (it was recorded in June 1970) are very close to their original versions as one would assume but these live versions have different lyrics and phrasing that if not ready from them, have you scratching your head. I love the jazz influenced shuffle during Behind The Wall Of Sleep as it shows the dexterity of Iommi’s playing, incredible to think he could not feel his middle two finger tips. The last song, Hand Of Doom is excellent, Sabbath had mastered their own version of light and shade playing with very dynamic results, the lyrics are kind of a hodge podge of alienation with the taking of acid and do not make much sense, the song features the excellent Rat Salad outro to boot!

Track list:
1. Tuning Up / Paranoid Intro
2. Paranoid
3. N.I.B.
4. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
5. Iron Man
6. War Pigs
7. Fairies Wear Boots
8. Hand Of Doom Intro / Tuning
9. Hand Of Doom

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