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Black Sabbath – Live At Last [deluxe]


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This only live album with Black Sabbath from the Ozzy Osbourne years was released in 1980. Surprisingly it wasn’t released in the Usa at the same time. It wasn't until 1982's double-LP Live Evil (which featured Ronnie James Dio instead of the Oz) that Warner finally put out ‘Live At Last’ in the States too. ‘Live At Last’ is a single album that was recorded before Osbourne's departure but didn't come out until after he had left. This was a typical record label release that was released without knowledge nor approval from the band. Their were a lot of problems with the final product on the early pressings, Nems lets you know that ‘Live At Last’ was recorded in Manchester, England, and at the Rainbow in London, but no recording dates are given. And Osbourne's first name is misspelled ‘Ossie’ and how could they release a live album without ‘Iron Man’?. As for the performances, the Osbourne/Geezer Butler/Tony Iommi/Bill Ward line-up of Sabbath is in decent form on such menacing favorites as ‘War Pigs’, ‘Paranoid’, ‘Sweet Leaf’ and ‘Children Of The Grave’. ‘Live At Last’ is by no means definitive and with or without the bands approval it was still finally an official live recording of Osbourne-era Sabbath that could replace all the old bootleg tapes. 2010 remastered deluxe edition Track listing: 1. Tomorrows Dream 2. Sweet Leaf 3. Killing Yourself To Live 4. Cornucopia 5. Snowblind 6. Children of the Grave 7. War Pigs 8. Wicked World 9. Paranoid

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