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Black Sabbath – Tyr


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Gothic in approach, but crushing guitar riffs galore, TYR followed Black Sabbath's previous return to the spotlight by less than a year. Again leaning heavily on the darker side of life, or perhaps, death, TYR is a set of tunes loosely based around the Norse tales of Odin and the gods of war. "Valhalla" is unlike anything the old Sabbath tried, yet still sounds familiar. "The Sabbath Stones" mix myth with metal in a crushing display of musical synthesis. With TYR, Black Sabbath sound as serious as can be. Track listing: 1. Anno Mundi 2. The Lawmaker 3. Jerusalem 4. The Sabbath Stones 5. The Battle Of Tyr 6. Odin's Court 7. Valhalla 8. Feels Good To Me 9. Heaven In Black

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