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Black Shepherd –Immortal Agression cd


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2024 remastered re-issue.

Immortal Agression is the debut album from Belgiums Black Shepherd. It was originally released back in 1988 and it was an album that included some first wave black metal much in the vein of the Brazilian juggernauts (Sarcofago etc) mixed with early Sodom and early Slayer and with a production that would have made Venom proud. A fast and intense metal album that would become cult over the years. Unfortunately it was to late as the band didnt survive longer than one album. Fans of the bands mentioned above will find a lot to like here as there is a reason why this band has received their underground status.

Track list:
1. Immortal Aggression
2. Another Day To Die
3. Make Love War
4. Corpses
5. Evil Revenge
6. Animal
7. State Of Decay
8. Preacher Of Death
9. Trash
10. Kill The Priest
11. Lord Of Darkness
12. Little Bitch

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