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Black Uniforms ‎–Faces Of Death lp [red]


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2022 re-issue on red vinyl with lyric insert

Splattering metal punk from the Scandinavian hive of hardcore: Malmö, Sweden. Black Uniforms released their classic Faces Of Death album back in 1989. This is motörcharged D-beat raw punk for all the moonlight rambling crashers. You get G-Zet, Nailbiter, Anti-cimex and Discharge mixed with Venom, Bulldozer and Onslaught.

Track list:
1. Sacrifice
2. City Of The Dead
3. D U Conform
4. Teenage Waste
5. Acid Punk
6. Trapped
7. City Of The Dead II
8. Uncut
9. Over N´Out
10. A Good Cop Is
11. Into The Funhouse
12. Computer World

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Hard Core Horror Records

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