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Blacklace -Unlaced/Get It While Its Hot cd


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2020 remastered re-issue featuring both albums the band did on one cd

New York based female fronted metal act dating back to 1982 that captured attention with a brace of well received albums. Maryann Scandiffio teamed up with neighbourhood buddies the Fragnito brothers to record a demo tape funded through her day job at Paramount Pictures in Manhattan. The project soon evolved into a fully fledged band and the band toured with acts such as Manowar, Plasmatics, Joe Perry Project and Talas. The second demo got estatic reviews in the European metal press and the band was soon signed to Belgian label Mausoluem. Their debut album is a lost little gem (that was co produced by Manowar guitarist Ross The Boss). ‘Unlaced’ is one hell of a hard hitting hard rock album and it showcased a band with some real promise, and offered some great variety, not to mention one hot lead lady with a commanding voice. Bluntly put, the guitars on here have an awesome sound. The tone is just totally killer, and totally 1984. Seriously, listen to ‘On The Attack’ to see how tone can amp up a tune, add more to the aggressive aspects, and make an average song a great head banger. The riffs obviously are just as important, and impressive ones are not hard to come by on this album. Their second and final abum Get It While Its Hot was released the following year. Blacklace was an amazing act whether they’re playing some melodically charged, atmospheric progression, or wielding some chorded rhythmically catchy power riffs the managed to write some monster tunes. Maryann’s voice is in top form, and thanks to some decently written lyrics, and tunes she shines on here more so than countless other singers, even ones of greater talent. She doesn’t offer an abundance of range, but with in her repetitive tone there’s still a multi-dimensional aspect which offers the listener more than range ever could in earnest, genuine realness. Easily a singer who ranks highly amongst the best Metal chicks of all time. I’d recommend this to anyone into Heavy Metal.

Track list:
1. March Of The Black Witch
2. Call Of The Wild
3. Damn Cheater
4. Runner In The Night
5. Devil In Disguise
6. On The Attack
7. Born To Raise Hell
8. Hots For You
9. Nightmares
10. I Like To Rock
11. Get It While It’s Hot
12. Speed Of Sound
13. Action Pact
14. Somethin’ Bad
15. The Right
16. Mad Dog’s Revenge
17. Shadow Of The Night
18. Run For Your Life
19. The Jig Is Up

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