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Blackmores Night – All Our Yesterdays lp/cd/dvd box


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Deluxe box set featuring lp, cd, dvd, T-shirt, poster and sticker

All Our Yesterdays is Blackmores Night 9th studio album. Despite Ritchie Blackmores past as a guitar player in Deep Purple and Rainbow, he is now in another stage of his musical life, concentrating on modern Folk, Renaissance and Progressive Rock music. Besides Ritchies talents, the other selling point for Blackmores Night is vocalist Candice Night, the beautiful wife of Ritchie Blackmore who could be described as a younger, and folkier, version of Stevie Nicks.

Track listing:
1. All of Our Yesterdays
2. Allan Yn N Fan
3. Darker Shade Of Black
4. Long Long Time
5. Moonlight Shadow-Mike Oldfield cover
6. I Got You Babe-Sonny And Cher cover
7. The Other Side
8. Queens Lament
9. Where Are We Going From Here
10. Will O The Wisp
11. Earth Wind And Sky
12. Coming Home

Dvd listing:
1. All Of Our Yesterdays-video
2. Will O The Wisp-video
3. The Making Of All Our Yesterdays

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