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Blackrat ‎–Hail To Hades cd


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The first time i heard the Canadian trio Blackrat i was delighted by their blasphemous blackened crust sound that showcased an unhealthy obsession towards binge drinking and hailing Satan. So, it’s no wonder the debut was titled ‘Whiskey and Blasphemy’. As ridiculously fun as the debut was, it was obvious that the same formula cannot sustain multiple records and Blackrat seem to have foreseen the same. The follow up record ‘Hail to Hades’, continues to helm the thrashy, fun nature of it’s predecessor, while also paying heed to musical evolution. The album is a rollicking mix of black metal and crust punk, but this time, with a little more emphasis on the black metal side of the mix. Despite all the experimentation on the record, Blackrat have a tendency of circling back to the good ol’ blackened crust sound. This is a good thing considering how addictive and chronic headbang inducing the traditional Blackrat sound is. Tracks like Transgressor, Hail to Hades, Hanged (From the Bell Tower) are perfect for a binge drinking session. There is a level of maturity in the song writing aspect and this does not detract from the band’s abilities to write a rabid tune. The experimentation only adds a dynamic quality to the album, with atmospheric elements and black metal exploration enhancing the variety of the record. It is good to see a band evolve over time and in Blackrat’s case, it is no different. The band’s improved song writing abilities make them stand out from the traditional blackened crust crowd and ‘Hail to Hades’ is a highlight in this style. The album does a good job of easing the listener into the shifts in sound and it also makes one eager to find out where the band will go next. Blackrat is a force to be reckoned with and this is a band that one should watch out for. So get on your knees and worship the fuckin’ rat.

Track list:
1. Madness Spell
2. Hail To Hades
3. Sepulchral Lust
4. Progeny Of Pan
5. Transgressor
6. Hanged (From The Bell Tower)
7. Drawn By The Blood In Their Veins
8. Autmumnal Obeisance

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