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Blasphemic Cruelty –Crucible Of The Infernum mlp


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Orange, red and black splatter vinyl with huge 2 sided poster

Blasphemic Cruelty is a band from Tampa, Florida that features both Gene from Angelcorpse and Alex from Ares Kingdom. The band mixes the raging American black death style with the German thrash metal ala early Kreator. The band debuted with the full length album Devils Mayhem in 2008 and then returned with Crucible Of The Infernum mini album in 2015. What we have on this mini album is about 20 minutes of chaotic and serpentine labyrinths constructed from piles and piles of Teutonic thrash riffs (think Sodom by-way-of Coroner), with all of the feral Morbid Angel-isms that Gene Palubicki is known for. Ad to this the excellent and caustic and vehement vocals from Alex Blume.

Track list:
1. Imperium Of The Lawless One
2. Icons Of Revolt
3. From Crypts Of Bloodlust
4. The Crippler-Sodom cover

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