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Blasphemy / Revenge / Goatpenis / Bestymator ‎–Brazilian Ritual Third Attack dvd


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Still sealed dvd. Limited to 1000 copies.

A live dvd recorded at the third edition of the Brazilian extreme festival Brazilian Ritual held at Espaco Lux in Sao Bernardo Do Campo in Sao Paulo in November of 2013. Bestymator, Goatpenis, Revenge and then ending with the eternal Gods of war, Blasphemy. Brazilian Ritual Third Attack was one of the most evil shows that ever happened in South America and Ross Bay Cult felt that it had to be immortalized on both album and dvd. Lets keep the black flames alive

The Brazilian Ritual Third Attack was a dream come true… Deathlord Of Abominations And War Apocalypse

Brazilian Ritual Third Attack was something I’ve thought about for many years…and it couldn’t be better… Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds

Track list:
1. Blasphemy -Winds Of The Black Gods-intro
2. Blasphemy -Fallen Angel Of Doom
3. Blasphemy -Darkness Prevails
4. Blasphemy -Goddess Of Perversity
5. Blasphemy -Ritual
6. Revenge -Us And Them (High Power)
7. Revenge -Traitor Crucifixion
8. Revenge -Cleansing Siege (Take Them Down)
9. Revenge -Death Heritage (Built Upon Sorrow)
10. Goatpenis -Final Atomic Battle
11. Goatpenis -Master Blaster
12. Goatpenis -Black Rain
13. Goatpenis -The Pugnacious Force That Devours All Reason-Sarcofago cover
14. Bestymator -Desejo De Leviatam
15. Bestymator -Morbida Profecia
16. Bestymator -Atormentado Apos O Mortuário
17. Bestymator -A Lendaria Glorificacao Da Serpente
18. Bestymator -Pela Gloria Do Mal

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