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Blaspherian -Infernal Warriors Of Death lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 300 copies

Texas act Blaspherian craft old school death metal from well-known elements, but infuse it with a new spirit and give it a unique voice. Although the overall sound of this album fits into the early 1990s death metal scene, its approach is more like the advanced black metal of recent years, slowly building atmosphere through simple riffs twisted into complex song structures. If you’ve heard Obituary, Incantation, Asphyx, Morpheus Descends or Immolation, you’re familiar with the approach: detuned guitars wrest riffs out of a few chords and quick right-hand technique, alternating between palm muted and tremolo strum to compose with pure texture itself. Like the percussion on the first Incantation album, drumming here varies between mid-paced urgency and a laid-back, doom metal approach that hooks the listener so that vocal cadence can take over a lead role. The absence of guitar solos is refreshing. Having improved in efficiency and organization since their demo works, Blaspherian make atmospheric metal that is like a descent into cavernous subterranean realms booming with echoing sound. As a result, it not only does not require solos, but benefits from having each instrument take a supporting role. Guitars lead, and the change in riffs defines song structure, but vocals hang in doggedly and always fit tightly into the composition, sounding in cadence and growl a lot like early Immolation. While much of the death metal back “in the day” attempted to portray a lawless and chaotic evil, the first full length offering from Blaspherian suggests a conniving, controlling and deliberate sinister presence which systematically undermines all that is good. There is menace in this album, and I mean that in the best possible way. It finds a new voice for the old school that transcends nostalgia to give us a 21st century vision of evil and death metal itself.

Track list:
1. The Disgrace Of God
2. Desecration Eternal
3. Sworn To Death And Evil
4. Lies Of The Cross
5. Infernal Warriors Of Death
6. In The Shadow Of His Blasphemous Glory
7. Invoking Abomination
8. Unspeakable Evil

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