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Blaze Bayley –Damaged Strange Different And Live lp [splatter]


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Red and black splatter vinyl with gatefold cover

Damaged Strange Different And Live is a live album from Blaze tour for his War Within Me album. Teh album opens with songs from his last studio album, the others comes from the period when he sang and composed in Iron Maiden. The musicians are excellent, as this is the very good band Absolva that has been touring with Blaze very often for quite some time. The recording: absolutely nothing to complain about. The album is recorded at different places (5 tracks from England and 4 tracks from France) that creates some problems as it looses the punch that a live show with Blaze has. The cuts inbetween songs and places means you looses most of the crowd noises and Blaze communication with the audience. For that reason, As Live As It Gets, Alive In Poland and/or The Night That Would Not Die are better testaments of a Blaze show. But Maiden fans can now hear Blaze live versions of Judgment Of Heaven, Fortunes Of War and Como Estais Amigos and the Blaze material from his latest album is just as good. So this is still a good purchase.

Track list.
1. War Within Me
2. Pull Yourself Up
3. Warrior
4. The Power Of Nikola Tesla
5. 18 Flights
6. Lord Of The Flies
7. Judgement Of Heaven
8. Fortunes Of War
9. Como Estais Amigos

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