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Blaze Bayley -War Within Me lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

War Within Me is British metal artist Blaze Bayley’s 11th studio recording. War Within Me is an album full of big songs and big ideas. Blaze’s lyrical journey continues to propel him through the realms of science and philosophy: there’s a real wide-eyed joy evident in nominal trilogy The Dream of Alan Turing, The Power of Nikola Tesla and The Unstoppable Stephen Hawking, as some of the strongest melodies of the Brit’s career collide with concepts and suppositions that could only grow from a genuine fascination with the subject. Blaze’s partnership with guitarist Chris Appleton continues to bloom, too: everything from 303s effortless hooks to Pull Yourself Ups thunderous, self-help eruption confirms that the same chemistry that enabled them to whack out three albums in as many years is still fizzing away in this strange new world of ours. The title tracks is fiery and is going to be a nailed-on career highlight. Blaze Bayley is making the best music of his career right now, and War Within Me is an object lesson in passion and potency.

Track list:
1. War Within Me
2. 303
3. Warrior
4. Pull Yourself Up
5. Witches Night
6. 18 Flights
7. The Dream of Alan Turing
8. The Power of Nikola Tesla
9. The Unstoppable Stephen Hawking
10. Every Storm Ends

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