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Blaze (Iron Maiden) – Silicon Messiah


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After his rude 1999 dismissal from heavy metal legends Iron Maiden following two thankless tours of duty, singer Blaze Bayley (previously of promising Tamsworth, England metal maniacs Wolfsbane) launched a new band bearing his name in the year 2000. Calling upon guitarists Steve Wray and John Slater, bassist Rob Naylor, and drummer Jeff Singer, Blaze — the band — signed with Germany's SPV Records and released a solid debut album with 2000's �Silicon Messiah�. Blaze Bailey sounded good on those Iron Maiden albums but it is as a solo artist that he finally have been unleashed in all his glory. His voice fits better to his own material and he is now able to sing to the maximum of his ability. Blaze rips out the vocals on this album, but he also sings with a smooth and relaxing emotional subtlety during its quieter moments. The album kicks off with a blast with �Ghost In The Machine� and after it there is nothing to disappoint at all. �Silicon Messiah� sounds like great metal of old, but with a modern sound. Track listing: 1. Ghost In The Machine 2. Evolution 3. Silicon Messiah 4. Born As A Stranger 5. The Hunger 6. The Brave 7. Identity 8. Reach For The Horizon 9. The Launch 10. Stare At The Sun 11. The Day I Fell To Earth

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