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Reduced price due to slipcase and cd being vg

2008 album in slipcase. Signed by Blaze with a silver marker

Blaze Bayley (the man not the band) is definately one to file under the love/hate category, thanks largely to a rather debatable short-lived stint with Iron Maiden which, whilst certainly having its fans, has long cursed Blaze with the tag of that guy who tried to replace Bruce and didnt. Of course in the U.K., Blaze was already a celebrated name within heavy metal, having fronted cult favourites Wolfsbane for a fair few years and the bulk of his solo material thus far has unquestionably been far more akin in quality and to an extent style to his early band than than the prog-metal of The X Factor or Virtual XI. Alas after releasing a stellar solo debut and two follow-up albums of increasing quality, the original Blaze band folded. What followed was a revolving door of musicians that at one point might have made Axl Rose worried about the security of his guy who cant keep anyone in his band for longer than five minutes crown. Indeed, it seemed all was over for Mr. Bayley. How wrong a judgement. How very, very wrong In an era where every metal band seems wont to add symphonies here there and everywhere, or are desperate to include whatever random musical inspiration they can so as to come across as original and forgetting that originality is pointless without good songwriting, The Man Who Would Not Die is a welcome slice of pure old-school British heavy metal. Significantly heavier than anything baring the Blaze Bayley name thus far, being at times very close to 80s thrash, the new offering from the new line up of the Blaze Bayley band is the most out-of-the-blue contender for album of the year released thus far. 12 tracks of manic heavy metal madness devoid of any pretension, designed purely to get the adrenaline running and the head banging. Forsaking much of the science fiction orientated themes of Silicon Messiah and Tenth Dimension, The Man Who Would Not Die is a logical step up from the preceding Blood And Belief, with its deeply personal lyrics and increased aggression. Whilst there is the occasional Blade Runner-esque philosophical ponderings over the sentience of artificial intelligence, such as on the track Robot, The Man Who Would Not Die essentially covers the classic metal themes of not giving up on oneself, fighting for ones beliefs, the loathing of record label execs, and the working mans struggles against a world full of nihilism. Its not an album of epic progressive rock influenced sentiments, its simply a highly listenable audio alternative to smashing your bosss face in. Probably a good thing that In this respect, the album is of great service to society in general, saving many an arse-headed line manager from the disservice of a broken nose/arm/face/other part of the anatomy. This album is simple a great heavy metal record that raises the benchmark for contemporary classic metal. How the band will top it on their next album is beyond me. Sure to turn the head of many who previously thought nothing of the musical antics of Blaze Bayley, it is an album of the year contender if ever there was one. The best heavy metal album to come out of Britain in years and Blaze Bayleys finest hour.

Track listing:
1. The Man Who Would Not Die
2. Blackmailer
3. Smile Back At Death
4. While You Were Gone.
5. Samurai
6. A Crack In The System
7. Robot
8. At The End Of The Day
9. Waiting For My Life To Begin
10. Voices From The Past
11. The Truth Is One
12. Serpent Hearted Man

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