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Blaze Of Perdition ‎–Reincarnations cd


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The Polish black metal act Blaze Of Perdition was born in 2007 after the death of Perdition, which had to be put to rest due to growing differences between its creators. Vocalist Xaos Oblivion left the band while the remaining Perdition members, XCIII, Sonneillon and Revenger teamed up with the new vocalist Ashgan to create Blaze Of Perdition. Reincarnation is a compilation of rare tracks lifted from split EPs

Track list:
1. Necrosophist-from Necrosophist 7″
2. Nights Blood-Dissection cover-from Necrosophist 7″
3. Into The Nothingness Divine-from The Burning Will Of Expansion 7″
4. Zatracenia Blask-from The Burning Will Of Expansion 7″
5. The Night Of Nights-from Accession Of Fire 10″
6. Son Of Man-from Deus Rex Nihilum Est cassette
7. Decay Of God’s Creation-from Deus Rex Nihilum Est cassette
8. Ouch On Theos-from Deus Rex Nihilum Est cassette

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