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Blazon Stone -No Sign Of Glory lp


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Black vinyl with insert

While I despise the term ‘pirate metal’ on basic principal that lyrical content should not be the defining term of a genre, I sure do seem to love a lot of the bands associated with it. No matter what the genre, whether it be folksy power metal like Alestorm or extreme thrash like Swashbuckle, I’m a sucker for a fun gimmick as long as the musical side supports it. When it comes down to it though, the often overlooked Blazon Stone might be truest band to the roots of the ‘pirate metal’ sound. Don’t let their obvious old school Running Wild worship detract you though because Blazon Stone is one of the best power metal bands you’re not listening to. Their second album, No Sign of Glory, is only further proof of this. As it was just mentioned, Blazon Stone wears their Running Wild influence very obviously on their sleeves. This was apparent on their debut record Return to Port Royale and it’s still fairly obvious on this second one. Whether it’s the endless barrage of spunky and melodic lead guitar work or the ambitious speed of the album that blends traditional metal writing values with some power metal like excessiveness, No Sign of Glory has it. “Bloody Gold” is a great example of such as it never seemingly drops below a running pace with it’s never ending barrage of melodies and snapping drum work. It’s grounded by the traditional style melodic vocals with a soaring chorus of the title words and it works in spades all the way around. This style is present on almost all of the tracks too. “Fire the Cannons” is an epic power metal classic in the making as is the punchy, single worthy “No Return from Hell” with its chanting chorus. It’s hard not to be headbanging and fist pumping to the galloping rhythms on “Beasts of War.” Blazon Stone is full on with No Sign of Glory and their catchy writing carries the album for some great lengths – with or without originality to anchor it down. No Sign of Glory is the kind of power metal record that adheres to the silliness with such a serious manner that it’s hard not to love the gimmick. The musical portion, outside of the previously mentioned production and mix, is impeccably executed with just the right amount of live concert energy, rip tide strength core rhythms, and ear piercing melodies. If you consider yourself a heavy metal fan or you simply love that old school power metal vibe, then you owe yourself to dive into Blazon Stone’s latest

Track list:
1. Declaration Of War-intro
2. Fire The Cannons
3. A Traitor Among Us
4. No Return From Hell
5. Bloody Gold
6. Fight Or Be Dead
7. Beasts Of War
8. Stranded And Exiled
9. No Sign Of Glory

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