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Bleak House ‎–Chasing The Wind lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 200 copies

Nwobhm act Bleak Housed issued two 7″ singles both on the Buzzard label, ‘Rainbow Warrior’ in 1980 and ‘Lions In Winter’ during 1982. With the collectors boom for obscure Nwobhm during the mid nineties both of these releases became highly prized, and subsequently extremely expensive, on the German and Japanese market. This limited vinyl includes both these eps

Track list:
1. Rainbow Warrior-Rainbow Warrior EP 1980
2. Isandhlhawa-Rainbow Warrior EP 1980
3. Inquisition-Rainbow Warrior EP 1980
4. Chase The Wind-Lions In Winter EP 1981
5. No Reply-Lions In Winter EP 1981
6. Down To Zero-Lions In Winter EP 1981
7. Flight Of The Salamander-Lions In Winter EP 1981

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