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Bleeding Utopia -Where The Light Comes To Die lp [blue]


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Rare private pressing on blue vinyl. Limited 200 numbered copies

Bleeding Utopia was founded in 2009 and have worked continuously over the years establishing themselves through 2 album releases and various tours and show appearances. Their third album, Where The Light Comes To Die, is a private pressed affair released in 2019. This band arrange an intricately designed formula of Melodic Death Metal developments and i am compelled to say that Bleeding Utopia certainly outdone themselves with this one, a sonically seamless outburst of extreme aggression and agonizing abilities …make this one a metal maniacs wet dream come true – worth the time.

Track list:
1. Ascendants Of Hate
2. Seek Solace In Throes
3. Enhance My Wrath
4. Already Dead
5. Welcome To My Pantheon
6. Crown Of Horns
7. Ruthless Torment
8. Ill And Daunting Perversions
9. Heralds Of Hate And Defiance

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