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Blind Guardian -Battalions Of Fear cd


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Remastered edition with Lucifers Heritage demo bonus tracks

Recorded two and a half years after the legendary Helloween EP, Blind Guardian truly proved themselves with this invincible speed metal attack. It takes all of the standard elements set by the latter and blends them into a unique form of brute, yet melodious, mind-blowing Metal. Everything is perfect on this LP. Hansi does an excellent job. His voice is really clean and euphonic, and is nowhere near as rough as Kais. And what about ferocious shrieks? Theres plenty to find. The rhythm section is nice and tight, featuring solid bass work that is actually audible, precise drumming, and ear-blistering double bass. Yet the guitars are without a doubt the highlight of the album. Marcus und André deal out deadly riffs thatll slice you to bits before you can fathom a thought. And their leads are absolutely the best. They have an unparalleled style that takes the brilliance of Glenn Tipton and Kai Hansen, and then takes it up a level or two. After a short intro (dont be alarmed, its a requirement for a Speed Metal release) it kicks off with Majesty, a fierce 7 and a half minute track that greatly shows how Metal euphoria sounds. Catchiness is an understatement. One of the top ten speed metal albums of all time. This baby is carved in stone together with the Helloween EP. You absolutely need this album.

Track listing:
1. Majesty
2. Guardian Of The Blind
3. Trial By Archon
4. Wizard’s Crown
5. Run For The Night
6. The Martyr
7. Battalions Of Fear
8. By The Gate Of Moria
9. Gandalfs Rebirth
10. Brian-Lucifers Heritage demo 1985
11. Halloween (The Wizards Crown)-Lucifers Heritage demo 1985
12. Lucifers Heritage-Lucifers Heritage demo 1985
13. Symphonies Of Doom-Lucifers Heritage demo 1985
14. Dead Of The Night-Lucifers Heritage demo 1985

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Virgin Records / EMI Records

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0946 3 96512 2 1 / 396 5122