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Blind Guardian (Gamma Ray) – Tales From The Twilight World [original]


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Original 1991 Virgin pressing Tales from the Twilight World was Blind Guardian's third album, and the one that broke them to a wider audience in Germany and helped score them a deal with the German division of Virgin Records. It's no surprise, then, that it was their best-crafted record up to that point, as the band had mastered its fusion of technical speed metal, powerful Judas Priest-esque grooves, and a dramatic, neo-classical feel. Helloween's Kai Hansen guests on vocals and guitar. Track listing: 1. Traveller In Time 2. Welcome To Dying 3. Weird Dreams 4. Lord Of The Rings 5. Goodbye My Friend 6. Lost In The Twilight Hall 7. Tommyknockers 8. Altair 4 9. The last Candle 10. Run For The Night (Live)

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