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Blind Guardian -Mirror Mirror mcd [japan]


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Still sealed Japan cd single with OBI-strip

Mirror Mirror was the first single from Nightfall In Middle-Earth and its one of the best songs the band ever did. Tasteful keyboards, up-tempo song, catchy chorus and a strong guitar solo, everything that made Blind Guardian such an interesting band at this point. What made this single so special was also that 3 bonus tracks. Two live tracks from Dusseldorf in Germany in 1995 and a great version of the Judas Priest tune Beyond The Realms Of Death. This is how covers should be made. Blind Guardian re-worked the tune so it fits their musical style. An essential single for Guardian fans.

Track list:
1. Mirror, Mirror
2. And The Story Ends-live
3. Imaginations From The Other Side-live
4. Beyond The Realms Of Death-Judas Priest cover

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